Hey, I'm Marco.

UI/UX designer, building intuitive products and helping teams deliver great user experiences.
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Later life mortgages web application

Enabling customers coming to the end of their mortgage term to release cash from their homes and help fund their retirement.

Recent work

I’ve been helping businesses to deliver products to market for over a decade. I’ve been lucky enough to get to work with amazing companies like Nationwide Building Society, CX Partners, Create Health, Fiora Agency, Prophecy Unlimited and more.

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Nationwide Building Society
Portfolio picture 4 - AXA PPP Healthcare
CX Partners
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Penguin Random House

Nice words from awesome people. Thanks, guys!

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Pete Lock
Senior Software Engineer

Marco is a strong advocate for user-centred design. He has a great eye for detail and shows empathy for all potential users of the systems he designs, including those with temporary or permanent disabilities. He is a good team player, and is willing to adapt his working practices to benefit his colleagues

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If you get a chance to work with Marco you won't regret it!

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Connor Goldsworthy
Delivery Manager

Over the past 2 years, Marco has been a pivotal member of the Nationwide Later Life Mortgage team, delivering a market leading product that helps members access their pension and stay in their homes. At the middle of this is a fantastic system for our advisors to use, of which Marco has been integral to its

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design and success.Marco has had a difficult role of not only interface design, but often also being responsible for the UX, UI, interaction and copy of our product.

Marco has an exceptional ability to want to do the right thing, pushing for the best experience for users, whilst balancing this with a great understanding of the business needs and minimum requirements needed to deliver value.

A key attribute of Marco’s is his desire for knowledge and understanding for context, often joining meetings and encouraging collaboration so that he can ensure he has the background knowledge of the product, processes and users in order to ensure the system is built with the best user experience. This has helped Marco to gain a lot of knowledge whilst also helping our shaping team to learn a lot about UI and UX.

Marco delivers with great quality and at an exceptional pace under a lot of pressure, yet his attitude has never once wavered. Not only are his designs and grasp of user interaction fantastic, what Marco also brings is his fantastic personal skills and personality. He is also happy to help, and has become a huge part of the teams fantastic morale and culture. As much as his skills will be missed, Marco as a person will be missed even more.

Thank you for everything and good luck with what comes next.

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John Pagonis
UX Researcher

Top to work with and top at his work!I have not decided if I want to be working with Marco because he is so productive and effective or because irrespective of what happens he still gives you that genuine smile and positive vibe ...even when things are really difficult. Marco is a multi-dimensional UXer

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He will design UIs, prototype them in tools and code, test them, liaise with developers stakeholders and PO, get feedback from biz, devs and users, make everyone happy and still do a pristine job without sacrificing quality. I have no clue how he manages that! Really top person and top designer!

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Josh Boyd-Cox
Software enginner

Marco is extremely talented at what he does, he's got an exceptional eye for detail and his designs are clean and consistently strong. He's one of the most friendly people i've had the pleasure of working with, and he's amazing in how he collaborates and listens to the developers and other stakeholders with

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their feedback and ideas.

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Holly Clay
Business Analyst

Marco is a very talented UI designer. He takes any tasks that is given to him and delivers brilliant results consistently. Marcos stakeholder management with the Product owner, Business Analysts, Developers and QAs within the team is excellent and is able to express his opinions to get support from team

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members. Marco is passionate about his role, he has great attention to details and always thinks of ways to do things differently with brilliant results! It has been a pleasure to work with Marco he would be an credit to any company.

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Alex Crocker
Senior UX Researcher

Marco is one of the very best designers I’ve worked with. His standards are consistently high and his efforts have raised the standard of our UX work in the hub. He’s also been a great advocate for research and has been crucial in getting buy-in for important research engagements, showing enthusiasm

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for using insight to shape design and adding value to our fieldwork. It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.

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Craig Livings
Head of Software Engineering

Marco is a talented, friendly designer and frontend developer who’s been a pleasure to work with. He’s always keen to collaborate and isn’t afraid to ask questions or challenge where needed. I always look forward to his positivity every day we worked together!

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Dan Dunton
Senior Delivery Manager

Marco and I worked together on a number of projects at Propagator Group; He is an incredibly talented designer with an uncanny ability at surpassing client expectations. I was very impressed by his positive attitude to any situation - a very level headed individual.

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Wyc Slingsby
Development Lead

Marco has been a delight to work with. Always positive with a great can-do attitude, he is a rare animal in my experience - a digital designer with extensive technical abilities, able to consider factors such as the usability, complexity, maintainability and accessibility implementation at the same time as

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the aesthetics of his designs.

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Stelios Mantopoulos
Software Engineer

Marco is a talented frontend developer and great to work with. After working with him in various projects it became obvious that he owned ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Marco is very innovative and always looking for fresh ideas that exceed the client’s expectations and goals. Last but not

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least, Marco is a fun person to work with, always helpful, insightful and aware of new creative strategies, which make him a great asset to any company.

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